Cambridge Mosque Planning Permission Granted


The Planning Committee of the Cambridge City Council has accepted the advice of the Chief Planning Officer and has voted to approve the plans for the proposed mosque capable of holding 1000 people at any one time.

‘This is wonderful news for Cambridge,’ said Professor Tim Winter, Chair of the  Muslim Academic Trust, who has been leading the project since the site was bought in April 2008. ‘Cambridge is one of Britain’s great international cities, welcoming thousands of overseas students and academics every year, many of them of Muslim heritage. It’s tragic that there is still no significant purpose-built mosque to accommodate this community. Oxford has four purpose-built mosques, but Cambridge has been lagging far behind. Muslims often have to pray on the streets outside the makeshift prayer rooms which are currently being used. Now a solution is in sight.’

An innovative feature of the development is its ambition to become Britain’s first significant ‘eco-mosque’. A range of sustainable features, including heat pumps, casino online water recycling, natural ventilation and lighting, and a sedum roof, will make the structure a symbol of national excellence in environmentally-responsible engineering. Biodiversity will be supported through various measures, including the provision of nesting areas for local bird species.

EAS has been working on this project since the beginning of 2011 and has undertaken a range of work including preparation of a detailed Transport Assessment with associated traffic modelling, a Green Travel Plan, a Flood Risk Assessment and drainage strategy and also input into the air quality assessment.

For more information on the services provided by EAS to the Muslim Academic Trust, please call Patrick Eggenton on 01920 871777 or email