Eye Development Brief gains momentum

EAS are providing transport, highways, drainage and infrastructure advice as part of a team of consultants led by Core Connections for the WW2 Eye airfield site for promotion as industrial and business park uses.

In the past the site has been developed in an ad-hoc way without any clear co-ordination. As such the Development Brief aims to promote a co-ordinated approach to development on the airfield, to achieve sustainable proposals that meet the needs of the surrounding rural area.

The Development Brief is now in its draft phase following a successful second public consultation meeting held at the Cornwallis hotel, where more than 50 local businesses, residents and councillors helped to shape the brief.

Councillor Tim Passmore, Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council, said: “The economic development of the Eye Airfield, and its hinterland, is crucial to economic prosperity in the northern area of Mid Suffolk.
“This council has economic growth at the top of its agenda as a means of creating excellent employment opportunities for our residents. We wish to attract high quality developments that are world class and are making a significant contribution to the county as a whole.

“At the same time we will be balancing the needs of sustainability and preserving the fabric of the surrounding village communities.

“The well-attended meeting was an important start for this significant and exciting initiative and we all look forward to completing the development brief within 12 months.”

EAS are currently reviewing the access, drainage and infrastructure requirements of this large strategic employment site. Green Infrastructure forms a large part of the development brief and includes SuDS drainage proposals that mimic natural drainage patterns.

For further information please contact Stephen Adams 01920 871777 or stephen.adams@eastp.co.uk, and Paul Silcock on 01926 746820 or paul.silcock@eastp.co.uk

See also: http://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk/News/EyeAirfield.htm