Woodlands Nursery

EAS carried out a Flood Risk Assessment and prepared a Sustainable Drainage Strategy at Woodlands Nursery in Central Bedfordshire.

The proposed development was for a warehouse and nursery. As the proposed warehouse was in the floodplain of the River Ivel, floodplain compensation modelling was necessary. EAS re-run the existing 1D-2D Floodmodeller-TUFLOW hydraulic model for the critical 1 in 100 year (+35%CC) scenario to determine how much of the development would be in the flood extent. Floodplain compensation modelling was carried out to demonstrate that it was possible to re-contour the land to direct fluvial flows around the new warehouse and the warehouse itself would remain dry in extreme flooding events.

A Sustainable Drainage Strategy was modelled using WINDES MicroDrainage. Infiltration tests demonstrated that swales would be effective in draining the site, so the drainage was based on an infiltration strategy. The WINDES Model showed that up to and including a 1 in 100 year (+40%CC) storm event could be managed onsite without increasing the flood risk to others

At the nursery site EAS have also been involved preparing a Flood Risk Assessment and sustainable drainage strategy for a residential development and prepared Transport Statements to support a number of phases of development.