Ladderswood Development, Enfield

EAS is providing transportation and highways advice to Mulalley and One Housing Group as part of the team that has been named as the preferred partner for Enfield Council’s £80 million regeneration of the Ladderswood Estate in Enfield.

The flagship project will include over 500 new homes ranging from one bedroom flats to four-bedroom houses.

Mulalley Director Eamon O’Malley said: ‘We are delighted to have been selected for this scheme and look forward to continuing to work with Enfield and One Housing Group to deliver this important regeneration of a neglected area of London.’

A project of this size requires the full range of EAS transportation planning skills including input into masterplanning being carried out by Architects Pollard Thomas Edwards. Designing a masterplan that provides accessibility through the estate to all the surrounding areas and facilities is a key element that will make New Ladderswood a great place to live.

The development proposals also include a new community hub, 1,500sqm of commercial space and an 80 bed hotel.
Our assessment of the impact of all the proposed development involves negotiation with various London regulatory bodies including Enfield Borough Council and Transport for London.

Key Issues

The development has been referred to the GLA due to its size. Time is a significant issue, with tight deadlines required to meet the client and Enfield’s regeneration aspirations.

The site is within 100m of the A406 North Circular which is managed by Transport for London. The Transport Assessment must demonstrate that important part of London’s highway network is not adversely affected.

A multi-modal model has been developed from first principles in order to demonstrate that any impact can be suitably mitigated including demonstrating that the public transport network has sufficient capacity to support the impact of the proposals.

EAS has prepared studies for:

  • Access feasibility study and design;
  • Masterplanning advice;
  • A Multi-modal Transport Assessment; and
  • Green Travel Plans including a car club.