EAS is providing a full range of transportation and engineering advice to Dr Dallas Burston for a proposed residential development at the Dallas Burston Polo Grounds at Stoneythorpe Magna close to Southam in Warwickshire.

The site is being promoted within the Stratford District Council Local Plan. The proposals are for circa 700 dwellings, 100 retirement homes, a 60 bed care home and dementia unit, a 100 bed hotel and a local centre including a neighbourhood store.

Key Issues

The site is a well-established Polo Ground with a conference centre and various leisure facilities. Much of the site area is effectively green field, requiring a range of engineering assessments to demonstrate feasibility of servicing and drainage.

Site access is a key issue as the site will use the existing access onto the A425 Southam Road upgraded from a priority junction to a proposed new roundabout, and a new second access to create a new spine road through the site.

A Transport Assessment fully scoped with Warwickshire County Council has been prepared that includes junction modelling for 12 junctions over a wide area between Southam, Warwick and Leamington Spa. These models include roundabouts, priority junctions and signal junctions. They have helped establish the feasibility of the proposals by demonstrating all impacts can be mitigated on the local road network. Modelling was complicated by the requirement to assess significant Local Plan growth on a mainly rural road network.

A key issue was the High Speed 2 rail link which is scheduled to go through a tunnel under the site. Construction is due to take place between 2018 and 2022 and the Stoneythorpe assessment was required to consider the cumulative impact of significant HS2 construction traffic in the area.

EAS has also consulted with the Environment Agency on flooding issues.

EAS Solutions

Mixed-Use Development, Stoneythorpe Magna, Warwickshire

  • Access feasibility study and design;
  • Masterplanning advice;
  • Transport Assessment;
  • Green Travel Plans;
  • Flood Risk Assessment; and
  • Drainage strategy.