Residential Development, Harrow

EAS was commissioned by Clearview Homes working with Preston Bennett to prepare a Transport Assessment for a proposed residential development of 49 flats and 2 houses.

The development site is located on Northolt Road Harrow forming part of the Strategic Road network. The site was a former Petrol Filling Station.
The London Borough of Harrow generally advocate low parking levels and in areas of very high PTAL will encourage zero parking.

In this instance Harrow were of the opinion that the PTAL was 4 which is a medium level (based on 1 being low and 6 being high) and were therefore expecting more parking than the 17 spaces proposed.

However it became clear that Harrow had based their opinion on the result of the Transport for London on-line PTAL calculator.

EAS has a great deal of experience in calculating site specific PTALS and when the TfL calculation was assessed in detail it emerged that a number of systematic errors existed.  Once theses were allowed for the result of the PTAL lifted to a level 5 and therefore Harrow were able to agree a lower level of parking at this site.

Other illustrations including the proximity to everyday needs outlets, schools and employment opportunities demonstrated the overall sustainability of the site which assisted with the case.

The application was approved unanimously by committee in November 2011.