Residential Development, New Granville, Barnet

EAS, lead by Director Paul Silcock, is providing transportation and drainage advice to Mulalley and One Housing Group as part of the team that has been named as the preferred partner for Barnet Council’s £50million regeneration of the Granville Estate in Childs Hill, Barnet.

The application process started in late 2013 in partnership with Barnet through a planning agreement. A planning application was submitted in Autumn 2014, with agreement on planning expected early in 2015. The application is for 135 new homes ranging from one bedroom flats to four-bedroom houses. The new homes are set in and around the existing Granville Road Estate.

Granville Road is a 1960s social housing estate typical of its type and time resulting from clearance of traditional terraced streets within an area which is characterised by low rise suburban housing. It consists of three tall tower blocks:

  • Templewood Point
  • Harpenmead Point
  • Granville Point.

as well as three lower rise blocks:

  • Nant Court
  • Mountfield
  • Beech Court.

The estate is overwhelmingly single tenure social housing. The three tower blocks contain 179 properties.

A project of this size requires the full range of EAS transportation planning skills including input into masterplanning being carried out by Architects Levitt Berstein. Designing a masterplan that provides accessibility through the estate to all the surrounding areas and facilities is a key element that will make New Granville a great place to live.

Our assessment of the impact of all the proposed development involves negotiation with various London regulatory bodies including Barnet Council and Transport for London.

EAS Solutions

EAS has prepared studies for:

  • Access feasibility study and design;
  • Masterplanning advice;
  • Stopping up plans;
  • A Multi-modal Transport Assessment; and
  • Green Travel Plans including a car club.