The Beacon

EAS have been working with The Beacon a leading independent boys’ prep school located off Amersham Road a busy road in the village of Chesham Bois. At peak times school traffic waiting to enter the school car parks was starting to cause delay on the public highway, an issue which needed to be urgently addressed.

To assist with this issue EAS looked to two possible areas of improvement: firstly helping to develop a School Travel Plan to help reduce the number of cars travelling to and from the school by encouraging sustainable travel; and secondly by redesigning the car parks to allow a more vehicles into the school grounds at any one time to relieve the pressure on the local road network.

In addition EAS prepared detailed designs for the redesigned car parks, considering sustainable drainage principles and working around existing utilities.

Planning permission has recently been granted for the works to the school car parks and access points and EAS are now in consultation with the local highway authority regarding the Section 278 highway works.