Tomworld Nurseries, Nazeing

EAS have been involved over the past couple of years in water management for food growers in the Lea Valley. Following the trend set by developments such as Thanet Earth, many local growers are choosing to increase their glass coverage to meet the demand for UK grown produce; and are also looking to store rainwater for year round irrigation.

EAS have now worked on a range of horticultural nursery sites, the largest of which is the Tomworld Nursery located in Nazeing Hertfordshire.

The Tomworld Nursery currently has a total glasshouse area of 3.0ha with an additional 3.0ha approved and currently under construction. EAS sized a series of storage tanks to deal with the surface water runoff from the additional 3ha.

EAS have recently prepared the site layout, Earthworks Statement, drainage design, Flood Risk Assessment and Transport Assessment to support a planning application for a further 9.3ha of glasshouses; currently being determined by the local planning authority.

To deal with both an increase in surface water runoff and to meet the crop irrigation requirements by rainwater harvesting, a reservoir is planned designed to store up to a 1 in 100 year rainfall event, with climate change.

The irrigation requirements is a complex issue as each variety of crop requires water different volumes at varying seasons; thus a dynamic method has been developed that looks at rainfall and irrigation demand on a weekly basis.

EAS Solutions

EAS have undertaken the following:

  • Site design and layout;
  • Earthworks calculations and Earthworks Statement;
  • Water management advice including irrigation demand;
  • Flood Risk Assessment and drainage design;
  • Transport Assessment and Green Travel Advice.