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Site Feasibility Studies

EAS regularly undertake site appraisals to determine the feasibility of a development proposal, which usually focuses on highways, access, flooding and utilities supply & diversion.

Small developments such as minor residential developments of fewer than 15 dwellings are often best dealt with via initial appraisal and consultation with the Local Planning and Local Highway Authority. EAS has successfully overcome concerns regarding access and flooding, removing barriers to a planning application without the requirement for costly assessments.

Site Access

Nearly all new developments will include the provision of a suitable access point which will be required to satisfy national design standards and the requirements of the Local Highway Authority. EAS can provide designs for suitable access points as standalone items of work; as part of a Transport Assessment or more significant element of highway design. EAS also offer swept path analysis to demonstrate the suitability of an access or highway design, for service and delivery vehicles.

Transport Assessments & Statements

Any development which generates a moderate number of trips will require a Transport Assessment to demonstrate how the development affects demands for travel and how all travel demands and servicing requirements will be met.

EAS can prepare Transport Assessments for any type of development and have extensive knowledge of transport planning and traffic modelling. Our experience includes significant knowledge from research, local authority and development planning backgrounds.

Flood Risk Assessment and Sustainable Drainage Systems

Most types of developments outside of the Environment Agency Flood Zone 1 (low probability of flooding) or over 1ha in size will require a Flood Risk Assessment.

A Flood Risk Assessment looks at any potential sources of flooding that may impact upon the development, how best to mitigate against the flood risk, and how to prevent and reduce the impact downstream of the development.

EAS have considerable experience in providing Flood Risk Assessments to support planning applications and designing sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) that reduce the surface water runoff from a proposed development to meet the requirements of greenfield rates.

Detailed highway and drainage design

EAS can offer the detailed design of highways, and drainage systems. Specialists in sensitive and sustainable solutions, EAS have successfully completed a number of standalone access roads and car parks; with surfacing ranging from traditional macadam (concrete asphalt), to self binding gravels, and concrete blocks.

EAS also have experience in the design and construction of a wide range of drainage solutions including: traditional gravity systems, swales, infiltration trenches, soakaways, balancing ponds, underground storage crates, and overground storage tanks.

Contract Preparation, Tendering and Management

In order to implement civil engineer schemes cost efficiently and with minimum of risk it is appropriate to enter into a form of contract with the project builder. EAS prepare contract documents using the NEC (New Engineering Council) contract suite and we will tender to a number of contractors to get the best value. EAS will work closely with the chosen contractor and oversee the contract management process until the scheme is completed.

Travel Plans

A Travel Plan is a long-term management strategy that seeks to deliver sustainable transport objectives through actions set out in an agreed document that is regularly reviewed. EAS have considerable experience of Travel Planning including setting suitable targets, and suggesting a series of measures in consultation with the client and Local Authority.

EAS also offer ongoing management of Travel Plans including assisting with implementation, monitoring and review.

S278, S38 and S106 Negotiations

Any proposed works on an existing highway will require a form of Section 278 Agreement with the Local Highway Authority to facilitate the works. If a highway is to be adopted this will require a Section 38 Agreement with the Local Highway Authority. EAS can offer both the design services and administration to get a development efficiently through these often long winded agreements.

EAS often take part in negotiating fair and suitable S106 contributions for our clients. Contributions towards transport schemes are often based on the trip generation of a proposed development.

Expert Witness

EAS are often involved in planning appeals in the form of written representations, informal hearings and full planning inquiries; representing on different occasions both the private developer and the Local Planning Authority.

Road Safety Audits

Road Safety Audits are undertaken by an audit team who must be independent of the design team. The audit process ensures that any changes to the road layout are audited to identify potential road safety issues or problems that may affect all users of the highway, including pedestrians and cyclists, and to recommend measures to eliminate or mitigate these problems. A Road Safety Audit is not simply a check that a scheme meets design standards.

EAS can offer the full range of Road Safety Audit, Stage 1 (Preliminary Design), Stage 2 (Detailed Design), Stage 3 (Scheme Completion) and Stage 4 (12 and 36 Month Review), with auditors who are all fully qualified to meet the Highways Agency requirements, as set out in DMRB HD 19/03. We undertake site visits, which are a specific requirement of the Audit, using both day time and night time visits as appropriate for the level of audit.

Topographical Surveys

As we frequently have a need for topographical data we have now started to undertake topographical surveys ourselves. We have therefore appointed a very well qualified land surveyor and purchased very high specification equipment allowing us to undertake topographical surveys for our own needs as well as for the requirements of all developers, land owners and managers. If you have a need for a topographical survey please feel free to contact us for a competitive quotation.
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